Friday, November 21, 2008

MobiTop powered, 160by2 mobile application Beta is now available!

We have rolled out Beta version of an exciting application powered by MobiTop platform with our colleagues from

One can use 160by2 mobile application to send unlimited SMS all over India over data connection/wifi.This application uses mobile handset's SMS inbox, editor and allows user to reply, forward options for all his SMS.

With technical jargons, 160by2 application is best example of Mobile 2.0 services, where we have merged web service and native mobile service seamlessly and user gets best of Mobile and Web.

if you are avid user of and accessing its wap site, you might already see a link for application download. Alternatively, you can request for Beta invitation to us at and we will send you invite.

we will be happy to hear from you so let us know what you think about application. Please send your suggestions and issues to us at

So if you have data connection and S60 3rd Edition phone...your SMS bill is all set to be zero. Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mobisy Survey report

Mobisy is currently trying to understand the dynamics of Mobile application users in true web 2.0 way by listening to it's consumers. One of such efforts resulted in a Survey held amongst urban youth. The results were very interesting indeed !
Check it out yourself !!

Mobisy Survey Report - Free Legal Forms

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Couple of thoughts from me

In Mobisy we have a famous joke, "after a year of entrepreneurship, you start becoming philosopher". In the same vein, I recently posted my thoughts on couple of leading technology blogs in India. The Alootechie post is more related to technology or market trends while the post is more on emotional note. Let me know which one you liked better.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mobisy's Spam Manager is now FREE!!!

Yes it is. After getting maximum number of downloads and collections in Mosh, and winning Nokia N95 phone in Nokia's Mosh Challenge, we have made Spam Manager for Nokia 3rd edition devices, absolutely free. No registrations, no activation keys, just install and go. Wanna download, Click Here

Friday, May 23, 2008

Unveiling ZMO...

Do give us a visit, if you are planning to be in Startup City tomorrow!!!

Belling a cat is out, teething an elephant is in:)

Wonder what happens, when around a dozen technocrats come together for an almost impossible task, yeah "teething an elephant". Well, I'm talking about our monthly event that happened last week. We had this event at our office and as usual, it was full of fun. Started with a team lunch, we had plenty to games like Dumb Charades, pinning a monkay's tail, pictography and ofcourse drawing elephants teeth. Filled with lots of laughter, and with a change from packed schedule, these monthly events@Mobisy are always cool.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Once a month all us Mobisians try to have fun together ..
This month we decided to go for an adventure boy was it an experience .. May be Sandeep , Nihar and Pankaj have more to tell about it.
Tadiyandamol is a beautiful peak in Karnataka and camping on the summit is surely an experience no one should miss ..
Here are couple of my picks from the pictures we took there

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MoMo Global Peer Awards 2008 Barcelona coverage @

Lalit's guest post at, most vibrant blog for startups in India.

"It was an excellent vibrant event where all players in the Mobile ecosystem including operators, phone vendors , VC's and start-ups participated with equal enthusiasm and the event itself was planned immaculately ! I must congratulate Momo global community for arranging such a wonderful experience."

See full coverage "here".

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We are @Barcelona

We will be attending "The Mobile World Congress" from 11 - 14 February, 2008 in Barcelona. Lets catch'up, if you happen to be there.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mobisy nominated in the MobileMonday Global Peer Awards 2008

Celebration time and this time it is BIG !

We are proud to announce Mobisy has been nominated as a finalist for the Peer Awards 2008, the event organized by MobileMonday, the global open community of mobile professionals, at Barcelona in the context of Mobile World Congress.

Watch out this space we will post more details soon..

Monday, January 21, 2008

We are Nokia's MoshUp Challenge Winners!!!

Yes, thats absolutely right. People normally say that Monday is the worst day of the week, but for us, today's a 'wonderful' day. At 13:03 hours today, we received a mail from Forum Nokia Asia Pacific, that we have won their MoshUp Challenge. We had submitted our most popular application "Spam Manager" for this challenge, and it got collected and downloaded the maximum number of times.

And the winner takes home a brand new feature packed 'Nokia N95'. Cool, isn't it!!

Thanks to you all who liked our application and collected/downloaded it from Mosh. Without you, this feat was not possible.

Also, in the meantime, we have successfully launched "Spam Manager for S60 2nd Edition". Please give it a try, if you have a S60 2nd edition phone.

Knock Knock!!!

Last three months we went into a deep stealth mode, working overtime but energetically for our product "Mobitop". And now we are back again with a BANG!!!
First of all, let me wish you a very "Happy New Year", followed by some updates.
Starting this year, we moved to a new bigger office, as we are scaling up now. We do have open positions, and the details are here.

Now about the events that happened over last weekend(18-19,January,2008):
We presented "Mobitop" at two events, 'Proto, Chennai' and 'HeadStart, Bangalore!'. Both the events were full of energy, and we are happy to see such an ecosystem building in India at a vast pace. If you happened to be there, and saw our presentations, we would be glad to receive your valuable feedback. Also please feel free to send us your opinions/suggestions here regarding mobitop as well as the innovative applications that can be built on it.
We are waiting!!