Friday, May 23, 2008

Belling a cat is out, teething an elephant is in:)

Wonder what happens, when around a dozen technocrats come together for an almost impossible task, yeah "teething an elephant". Well, I'm talking about our monthly event that happened last week. We had this event at our office and as usual, it was full of fun. Started with a team lunch, we had plenty to games like Dumb Charades, pinning a monkay's tail, pictography and ofcourse drawing elephants teeth. Filled with lots of laughter, and with a change from packed schedule, these monthly events@Mobisy are always cool.

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Nihar Vaidya said...

Yaa It Was Really A Good Event, I Enjoyed The Most.Impeccable!!! But....I Forgot The Person Who Inserted(draw) Tooth on The Wrong Side.