Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Mobisy's Spam Manager" ROCKS!!

Well, last some days we were really excited to find out response to our first product, i.e. "Mobisy's Spam Manager". Every single morning we used to check our mails, for the number of downloads that happened last nite. It feels great to share with you all, that the response has been simply "awsome":). Till now,Spam Manager has been downloaded for more than 300 times, and that too only from "Handango".
If we sum up downloads from other sites, it can simply be doubled(i.e.600 downloads in just 3 weeks).

We also have uploaded "Spam Manager Ver 1.0 for S60 3rd Edition Devices" at following places:
1. "Nokia Software Market"
2. "MobiHand"

We got nice reviews, another reason to feel proud. We were also contacted by a reporter from 'Selular Magazine', Indonesia. It seems there's going to be an article on our "Spam Manager" in their October Edition.

Do go out, and try "Call and SMS Spam Manager for S60 3rd Edition" from Mobisy. I bet, its 'The Cheapest' and 'The Best'.

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