Friday, September 28, 2007

An Unforgettable Monday

Yes, it was indeed an "Unforgettable" Monday, reason being that India emerged as Twenty20 champs. That was awesome!!!. We had one more reason to cheer about. No prizes for was the "Mobitop Launch", the same day at MoMo.
To our surprise, we were received by an audience of 35-40 enthusiastic people, inspite of the Twenty20 Finals going on at the same time.Since our platform enables the developers to add features to their mobile application on the server and deploy on web(without re-flashing/installing it on mobile),we capitalized on that and added the "Latest Cricket Score" feature for that "Special Day":), just before the demo(in few seconds).
Watch out this space, as we will be uploading the video of the Mobitop/iContactBook demo soon....

PS: We missed the Twenty20 Finals, but got a chance to see the last 7 balls on the large screen, and that were the ones that mattered most:) Well Done,India.
Oh Boy!!!It was an action packed Monday.


Ishwardeep Singh said...

Good going guys - I know one of the founders (Gurpreet), and I just bumped into this blog from Mobisy's link. So do you guys have an angel investor till now? I'm working in the tech sector myself, and I'm really interested in the startup space. One of the blogs that I read regularly - - if you haven't, check out the essays on this blog - inspiring stuff!!

Sumit Jain said...

I am very sure, Infact everyone who has been associated with Mobisy knows that these guys are going turn Mobisy into a big and credible organization. I wish for you a lot of opportunities and success in the future. keep rocking.

Gurpreet said...

Thanks Ishwardeep and Sumit for your support!!! It really feels good.