Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'Mobitop Launch' around the corner...

Dear friends,
It's my pleasure to announce the launch of our much awaited platform, i.e. Mobitop.

“MobiTop, is a mobile phone application development platform with which application developers, device manufacturers and operators can easily develop and deploy new breed of applications with Web 2.0 features. Key challenges faced by today’s mobile application developers are, “Device incompatibilities” and “Ineffective application delivery platforms”. We @ Mobisy are trying to address these major issues by providing a platform to develop applications quickly in standard web technologies like AJAX and limiting the porting issues. Further, we are enabling Internet based deployment of applications, which provides security at the same time avoiding complicated and lengthy, signing procedures. We also provide native device access capabilities(like Call,SMS, Contacts), offline mode and many other key features to watch out for.”

As a first step, we will be giving a demo of our showcase applications on Mobitop in "Mobile Monday(Bangalore Chapter)" event, on 24th Sept,07. Find out more details about this MoMo event "here".
See you on Monday @ MoMo.

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